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Butterfly Preparation

How to soften and spread butterflies

1: Soften

Dried butterflies fshould be softened before preparation. You need an airtight plastic box at the bottom of which you put hydrophilic cotton wool that has been saturated with water. On this cotton, you can put a sheet of absorbent paper and a little Thymol (to avoid mould).

Then place the butterflies. The softening time is about 24 to 48 hours depending on the size and age of the butterfly.

Once the butterfly is softened, it can be spread on a stall.

2: The display

A stall with a groove close to the size of the abdomen of the butterfly to be prepared.

After having pricked the insect perpendicularly in the thorax with an entomological pin (for metropolitan butterflies, the sizes used range from 000 for the smallest to N°3 for the largest) the pin with the butterfly is pricked into the groove of the stall.

The wings are placed on one side of the butterfly by means of a strip to be spread out and a flat clip, taking care that the lower forewing is perpendicular to the thorax of the insect, then the hindwing is lifted upwards.

The paper strip is held in place with pins to be laid out (head pins).

The same procedure is followed for the other side.

Then, the antennas are fixed to form a V along the costa of the forewing and the abdomen is held with a small piece of cotton underneath and, if necessary, with 2 cross pins above the abdomen.

Leave to dry for about 15 days and then peel off.

Your butterfly is ready to be put in your entomological box.